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This is where clips of various American KunTao Silat videos are played for our DistanceLearning Students.

this will be replaced by the SWF.
The Distance Learning Program is designed for the martial practitioner in modern society, who has time constraints, Family responsibilities, and limited funds but has the fervent desire to learn.
The Distance Learning Program is designed for the Martial LifeStyle practitioner in modern society, with tips and tricks for training constantly and safely and yet accruing the benefits of the ancient martial acumen.
The Five Basic Forms shown here constitute the Base Level of American KunTao Silat. This information is the foundational level of our System. From completion of the Practitioner Level a seeker may go in a life-time.

On-Line Videos - FLV Format

YouTube Videos - Many of the American KunTao Silat videos posted on YouTube are available here.



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